Who we are

When we first met, we were colleagues at a German social media company. As the Creative Director and Head of Development, we weren't exactly destined to learn from each other. Nonetheless, we quickly discovered how much we grew in our individual skillsets through our conversations and exchanges. And above all the professional gain, we become good friends as well.

The PEERS. Project

With PEERS. we want to bring the joy of learning from one another to as many UX designers as possible and help them grow their professional skills and build trustful mentoring relationships along the way.

PEERS. Stories

PEERS. Stories are our attempt to shine a light on designers like you and me. We found that while the stories of all the design rockstars out there were inspiring, they weren't very relatable, so it was harder to transport learning to our own situations. We want to close that gap and tell the stories of UX designers stuck in the trenches just like you.

Reach out to us to tell your own story and get featured.

In any case, we would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think about PEERS. Mentoring, the Stories, what we've missed, if we didn't ask the right questions, or which UX designer you would like to read about next.

Until then, have a spectacular day!

Marvin & Martin
Your PEERS. team

Martin Fochler on PEERS. Stories

Martin Fochler

Co-Founder & Developer
Marvin Hassan on PEERS. Stories

Marvin Hassan

Co-Founder & Designer