Lars Waegner

Lars Waegner

Senior UX/UI Designer



I found the connection between psychology and design extremely exciting. So I looked for an internship ...

What is the Design Scene like in Your City?

I live in Berlin and the scene here grows and grows every year. It's also getting more and more international. Designers come from all over the world to work here in startups or in established companies. This diversity gives you the opportunity to constantly learn new things and make intercultural experiences. That's great.

How did you get started in UX design?

The first time I heard anything about usability was during my psychology studies. I found the connection between psychology and design extremely exciting. So I looked for an internship in this field and was lucky to get a job as a user experience designer after my studies.

How long have you been in the field of UX design?

More than 6 years.

What is your speciality? What do you feel really comfortable with?

I do my best work in user centered mobile app design.

What made you want to pursue a career in UX design?

In my diploma thesis I designed and tested a learning app. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make User Experience Design my profession. At that time I always said: "It's like a hobby, I would even do it without payment".

It's still my dream job.

Share a secret. Something no one knows
about you.

I love symmetry. When I set the breakfast table on Sunday mornings, I sometimes align all objects so that they are perfectly spaced and aligned.

Tell us about your favorite design related book(s).

I'm not that bookworm. I learn a lot from podcasts, online articles or youtube videos. But if I have to pick out one thing I would call the Alert Box Newsletter of the Nielsen Norman Group. Every week you get two articles on relevant topics and current studies.

What type of a designer are you in terms of hard- and software? What is your favorite app?

I´m working on Mac. Mostly with Sketch and Figma. For Motion Design I use Flinto or ProtoPie. To share and discuss my work I use Invision and Abstract. Sometimes, but more and more rarely, the Adobe Suite is also used. On my desk there is always a writing pad for sketching ideas and writing down tasks.

Let's be honest. We all make mistakes. Tell us about your biggest UX fail.

Do you have a side project?

Tell us a bit about learning UX.

At the top of the list is Motion Design.
As a mobile app designer it becomes more and more important to deal with micro animations and transitions.
The user expects a smooth experience that feels a bit like a piece of reality. I would also like to continue working on my interview skills.
To do a really good user test is something you have to practice well.

Who would you consider a mentor? Tell us about your relationship.

A mentor is someone from whose experience I can learn, whom I can address when I have questions or problems, who points me in the right direction, when I am uncertain about something.

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